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As a distributor of Altrex's innovative access equipment, we are always ahead of the competition and this allows us to offer you the most reliable and safe products. Manufactured using the latest techniques, always available and delivered quickly from our Sydney warehouse.


Quality on the highest level. Safety all the way to the top step. For more than 65 years, Altrex have ahead if it comes to access solutions. Always looking for innovation. For us, it is not about innovation but to make your work easier and safer through innovation. That is after all what it’s all about. The certainty that you work with the best. Not only today but also tomorrow.

Settle for security. That's why you choose strong and solid. Altrex access solutions give you that safe feeling. They are made for you and for the work that you do. Scaffolding, stepladders and ladders that feel like solid ground under your feet at any height. From an extremely strong standard product to innovative customised products, the Altrex product range suits every need and every job.

Safety and security, at every level.

If more information check out the products we have available or if you would like to chat to our team please contact us on 1300 557 973 or you can email us at 

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