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Our Suspended Platform Systems

When the windows of your skyscraper get dirty, or you need to access your building’s top floors, how do you get there quickly and safely? Your best solution will be a suspended platform system. Suspended platforms are also known as swinging stages and are the safest method of reaching the uppermost levels of buildings and skyscrapers. Hytrex is a leading supplier in suspended platform systems in Sydney, and our swinging stages are easy to access, user-friendly and safe.


What Are Suspended Platforms?


Suspended platform systems are a type of scaffolding used for reaching the tops of high buildings. It’s used in construction and more commonly for window washing on skyscrapers. It is attached to a roof rig and then suspended down the sides of a building. Each system has a platform that cleaners or construction workers can stand on and walk along. There’s also space to load tools, cleaning materials and other items that they might need.


Are Our Suspended Platforms Safe?


When a person needs to use a suspended platform system, their safety is the highest priority. It means that the roof rig, wire ropes, hoists, roof beams and the platform itself, must be manufactured to the best quality and that the entire system must be strong and sturdy.


Hytrex Suspended Platform Systems


At Hytrex, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality swinging stages, suspended platforms and scaffolding equipment. We rely heavily on excellent quality engineering and materials. We’re also continually innovating our designs to ensure that they’re the consistently secure solution. To make sure of this, we regularly test them to make sure they can handle any height or load.


No matter your reasons for needing a suspended platform system, you’ll need one that you can trust completely. Hytrex provides suspended platform systems that are strong, sturdy and safe. Call us today for a quote for your Sydney building.

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