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Hoists Nihon Bisoh​


  • The new generation hoist

  • Top quality materials

  • Few parts, quick maintenance

  • 50% less noise than other hoists

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Bisomac 210.


The most advanced suspended platform hoist in the world

The new generation traction hoist. This innovative hoist incorporates advanced technology. The unique shape of the cable disk provides grip and stability. Top quality materials make the hoist durable and ensure unparalleled quality. The Bisomac 210 is the best suspended platform hoist for your task at height.

The best hoist ever is available in a 600 and 800 kg versions. The hoist is compact and is easy to handle, using the 2 user-friendly, robust handles. The Bisomac 210 is unique due to its reduced number of parts. The hoist can be maintained in just 45 minutes. And this means less time lost to standstills! It also produces 50% less noise than other hoists.

Strong, reliable and durable.


The materials and parts used in this hoist are top quality. This makes the hoist strong and reliable. It also provides great life-expectancy.

Easy to use


With the robust handles, the hoist is easy to use. Ergonomic design and Health & Safety standards maintained.

Less time lost to standstills


With the Bisomac 210, you can carry out annual maintenance in just 45 minutes. Less standstills, better results.

Great to use

It also produces 50% less noise than other hoists. So work is more pleasant and safer.

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