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Modular Suspended Platform (MHB 80)


  • Available with end or walk-through stirrups

  • Stable, strong and reliable

  • Modular system, many possible configurations

  • Up to 26 metres in length

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 8.30.53 pm.png

MHB 80 suspended platform.

The most comprehensive, modular suspended platform system


With the MHB 80, the options are endless. The suspended platform is modular, allowing multiple configurations. The MHB 80 has higher side frames and U-frames compared to the MHB 60. This allows a longer platform length or a higher loading capacity. The lightweight material is very strong and reliable. The MHB 80 will take you to great heights, safely. It is the best system for maintenance and renovation jobs.

The smart design means that all of the individual components are easy to assemble and disassemble. Moreover the components are compact to store and easy to transport. The MHB 80 is available with end and walk-through stirrups. The end stirrups are mounted at the ends of the suspended platform and offer a maximum length of 18 metres. The walk-through stirrups can extend that length to up to 26 metres. Walk-through stirrups are used if the length of the entire suspended platform exceeds the length between the ropes/hoists.

Compact and easy to transport.


The suspended platform is made up of many individual components. Easy to disassemble and compact to store and transport.

Lightweight and strong


The lightweight aluminium is very strong and reliable. And takes you to great heights, safely.

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