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  • Can be assembled by 1 person, to be used by 2 persons

  • Only 12 minutes to assemble a tower of 8 meter working height

  • Stable, strong and robust

  • Lightweight, easy to transport and store

  • Wooden or lightweight Fiber-Deck® platforms

mi tOWER PLUS.jpg



1 Person Quick-Build rolling tower

The MiTOWER PLUS is the successor of the successful MiTOWER. Only one person is needed to assemble this rolling tower. Due to the larger working platform you may work with a colleague. Once completed is this compact rolling tower is simple to transport. A worthy successor of a unique rolling tower.

The smart design forces you to assemble the rolling tower safely. Step for step to a height of up to 8 meter. Platform girders and a unique suspension mechanism in the platforms give you maximum grip and make it extra easy. Double guardrail braces, a handy claw system and double braked castors make the scaffold tower the most stable in its type.

At working height in 12 minutes


The MiTOWER is constructed in no-time. Quickly to the highest level without help from a colleague.

Compact and easy transport


You can make a movable trolley with the scaffolding materials. Fits through any standard door opening and in many company vehicles. Dimensions 172 x 83 x 210 cm (L x W x H).

Strong and stable


The Circular robot welded rung-leg post connections of the MiTOWER PLUS makes the strongest and most stable rolling tower of its type.

Unique suspension mechanism 


'‘Extra hands’ to suspend materials during the assembly and disassembly of the MiTOWER PLUS. Moving in and out in one quick movement.

Safe to use


The only Rolling tower that you can assemble without assistance. While you can work on it with your colleague.

Your MiTOWER, your identity


Make your MiTOWER recognisable using the logo, name and colours of your business, so that you are visible on every level.

Click on THIS LINK and you will automatically redirected to the ‘how to assemble a MiTOWER trolley video’ on YouTube.

Extra accessories

MiTOWER STAIRS an additional option to the MiTOWER and MiTOWER PLUS

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