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4 Points to Consider When Looking for Suspended Platform Systems

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

As a contractor, it’s your responsibility to create a safe and competent environment for your workers. Failing to do so can lead to major accidents and dissatisfied clients. Because of this, it’s not enough to buy just any equipment to use on-site. You have to invest in the best equipment to ensure continuous success. It’s imperative that you apply yourself strategically when it comes to shopping around for suspended platform systems.

Not too sure what to focus on? Fortunately, you have our team of experts to offer you advice on the factors you should consider during the process of acquiring a suspended platform system.

#1: How Heavy Your Loads That Require Lifting Will Be & What They’re Made Of

The weight and types of material that loads are made of are crucial factors to consider. It doesn’t make sense, for example, to invest in a wooden platform if you’ll be lifting heavy steel and other abrasive materials. Think of this first.

#2: How High Up You Need to Lift Personnel & Materials

Once you’re confident that the platform will be able to carry the load, you need to ensure that it’s able to reach the necessary height. Height range varies from one suspended platform type to the next, so consult an expert before you choose.

#3: The Location Where the Suspended Platform System Will Be Put Up

The kind of landscape that a suspended platform will be operated on is also an essential consideration. You don’t want to sustain damage from slipping or friction when it could have been avoided by selecting an appropriate design.

#4: How Much it Costs to Buy Versus Hire

Some contractors work on the same kinds of projects for extended periods, while others are more versatile. Whichever one you are, whether you buy or hire will depend on a number of things. This will include how often you need to change suspended platform types, the capacity to store the equipment, and the means to keep it properly maintained.

Shopping for suspended platform systems isn’t necessarily about securing the cheapest deal. It’s about determining what value for money means to you and seeking out equipment that satisfies all your requirements. At the end of the day, you have to treat it like you would any other business investment. Contact Hytrex for more information today.

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