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Professional Services: When To Buy Instead Of Rent Scaffolding

Updated: May 30, 2019

If you require scaffolding to execute your professional services and rent your machinery, you may currently accept the rental charges as part of your usual monthly costs. If these costs are getting high or you find that you require scaffolding more frequently than before, you might be wondering whether it’s time to purchase the equipment. However, when does buying a unit or scaffolding system become the more viable option? Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision.

  • Frequency: If you frequently rent aluminium scaffolding, it makes sense to invest in buying your own. Renting is an ongoing cost that cannot be recouped. On the other hand, money spent to purchase equipment will be offset by saving on rental costs. Over some time, your savings will exceed the purchase price.

  • Job Requirement: If executing your professional services depends on the use of scaffolding, then it should be considered as a capital asset. In addition to hiring costs, time, effort and resources are wasted on arranging services including rental and supplier payments.

  • Compromised Service Delivery: As a service provider, you may pride yourself on offering excellent service delivery to your clients. Relying on third-party suppliers means you’re open to risks such as delays or other service delivery problems. Unfortunately, your customer is likely to hold you responsible if agreed deadlines and commitments aren’t met.

Who Should Consider Purchasing Scaffolding?

  • Building contractors who work on high rise buildings or elevated structures

  • Maintenance or repair service providers who cater to building needs such as painting, plastering, repairs and renovation services

  • Professional cleaning services offering both general cleaning as well as specialised services such as gutter, roof and window cleaning

  • Property management companies who provide on-site and call out maintenance staff to both residential and commercial properties

  • Event management companies involved in erecting and taking down event and staging structures for music concerts, retail expos and other outdoor events

  • Outdoor media management teams dealing with advertising and marketing related structures such as tall or elevated billboard displays and other custom constructions.

  • Specialised services providers such as home improvement professionals, equipment installers and providers of skilled maintenance or repairs

Hytrex offers quality aluminium scaffolding systems, and if you’re ready to purchase equipment, we can help you meet your needs. Contact our Sydney office today to find out more.

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