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Six Key Safety Tips For Operating On A Scaffolding Platform In Sydney

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Working on any construction site comes with safety risks. There are many moving parts to each project, and one wrong move could prove disastrous. A scaffolding platform is a temporary structure that make it easier to work higher up along the structure. It’s a necessary addition to your Sydney construction site, but it comes with risks and safety concerns. In this blog, we share some expert tips for ensuring safety while operating on a scaffolding platform. Not only will this protect the contractors who are at work, but it will protect everyone else in and around the site as well.

Safety Tip #1: Enrol All Workers In A Training Course Beforehand

Knowledge is power, especially if it can mean life or death. It’s important for workers to have a full understanding of how the scaffolding platform works. Comprehensive training is a prerequisite that encourages informed and safe use of such platforms.

Safety Tip #2: Check That Employees Have The Relevant Licencing For The Job

On top of training, it’s essential that construction workers are licenced. Not only does this help with compliance, but it also offers assurance that they’re familiar with industry standards as they apply to scaffolding platforms.

Safety Tip #3: Conduct Regular Inspections To Ensure That The Platform Is Safe

Always check for faults and damage on a scaffolding platforms before you allow people and materials onto it. Even if a problem seems small, have it checked out and fixed or secured for everyone’s safety.

Safety Tip #4: Provide Safety Equipment For Each Worker

Like with all risky work, there must be mitigating gear that workers can wear. This includes helmets, harnesses, anti-slip footwear, and other items. Your employees will be able to do their work without worrying about avoidable accidents.

Safety Tip #5: Keep The Site Clear Of Unnecessary Clutter

At the end of every day, clean up debris, and unused tools minimise the margin of error during operation. Clutter makes construction sites significantly more dangerous and less visible, so keep it safe by keeping it as clear as possible.

Safety Tip #6: Have A Medical Team Available On Call Or On Site

Accidents happen on suspended platform systems. The best thing you can to manage them effectively is to prepare just in case. Arrange for access to medics so that injured workers receive treatment as and when they require it.

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vijayalakshmi Janakiraman
vijayalakshmi Janakiraman
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