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Do You Require Scaffolding?

Seeing scaffolding platforms in and around Sydney is a common occurrence, and you might wonder why they’re used everywhere. While they’re often associated with construction projects, scaffold towers and equipment are also well suited for several other purposes beyond just building. Scaffolding platforms are easily mountable, accessible and are a safer choice than using a ladder – if utilised correctly. However, there are two important considerations you need to take into account to determine if you require scaffolding.

Does Your Project Require Height Work?

This is dependent on the type of work you’ll be performing. If you’re accessing hard-to-reach places that need a temporary platform to be reached, then a scaffold tower may be suitable for you. Machinery such as lifting equipment and scissor lifts will work out to be more costly and require additional effort to manoeuvre. Scaffolding is also easy to assemble and dismantle for quick turnaround times.

Will You Need A Platform?

While a ladder seems like an inexpensive way to gain height, it’s not the safest because of the lack of platform space it provides. A scaffold platform gives you space to move around safely, and it’s securely placed to ensure to allow for movement. If you’re moving up and down frequently carrying items along with you, a platform will be useful.

Determining if you require a scaffolding tower is a decision that needs to be made in conjunction with your work requirements. It can be used in the following instances:

- Window cleaning in residential or commercial areas

- Building inspections or repairs on newly constructed properties

- Renovation and maintenance work on a home

- Painting a multi-storey property and ceiling work on a roof

- Mounting event decorations like draping, sound system setups and lighting

If you’ve read this blog post and taken your work requirements into consideration, you might have determined that you do indeed require scaffolding. If so, contact the Hytrex team. We’re a service provider specialising in providing scaffolding platforms in Sydney, and our crew is happy to assist you with any equipment queries.

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