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Industry Experts’ Top 4 Tips To Buying Mobile Scaffold Towers In Sydney

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Seeing as there are so many different types of products available in the scaffolding market, a top concern is to make the right hire or purchase to avoid any safety concerns. In meeting this need, experts offer these top 4 tips to ensure you make the best mobile scaffold tower purchase to avoid nasty surprises later.

1. Must meet current recognised International standards

In reference to mobile scaffold towers, the European product standard EN 1004 applies. The quality standard demands scaffolding to meet safety requirements in regards to the following:

· Quality of construction materials

· Strength

· Stiffness

· Stability

· Guardrails

· Access

· Platforms

· User instructions

Using non-compliant scaffolding is not recommended as there is high risk for an accident or injury occurring for the following reasons:

· Most often these products do not come with mandatory stabilisers that promote proper use of scaffolds.

· No built-in access, an absence of which increases the likelihood of towers becoming unstable and overturning.

· Products are often designed with improvised platforms constructed from scaffold board and have no purposefully-made trapdoors essential for safe entry and exit.

Make sure you do your research and ask the supplier questions.

2. Look for warranties

Fake products may be tempting but these are best to be avoided. Best-quality scaffolds come with warranties up to 5 years. Warranties are a promise that the product’s manufacturers have prioritised quality and safety concerns.

3. Are specialist competencies required

What special competencies are required for use of the scaffold tower and would assigned staff need further training for safe and proper use as well as assembling and dismantling the product? It is recommended that you find out if training is available and who offers it.

4. Special user compliance requirements

In order for the scaffolds to be used for the purpose with which they have been especially designed, manufacturers will outline instructions that need to be strictly adhered to. When making a purchasing decision, factor in assembling instructions, how to dismantle, storage requirements and how to take care of scaffolds. Are there any inspection requirements to meet, for e.g. pre-inspections and routine inspections?

Make sure you buy the right aluminum scaffolding equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely by ticking all the relevant boxes. Hytrex is a leading supplier of access equipment that answers to the highest standards. Browse our product category online.

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