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Safety Tips To Consider When Purchasing Or Renting Aluminium Scaffolding

When considering which type of scaffolding to buy or hire, most people only focus on factors such as the height or type of scaffolding they require or its price. While these elements are essential, it’s also important to make sure that the equipment you select doesn’t pose a safety risk and will be suited to the kind of work you wish to undertake. Here are some safety tips to follow when purchasing or renting aluminium scaffolding:


While we’re all attracted to a good deal, be wary when approaching scaffolding offers that are much lower than similar products on the market. It could indicate faulty equipment. Instead, invest in reliable, high-quality brands that come with a proven track record. Taking a chance on substandard equipment is likely to cost you a lot more than just money should an accident occur.


Make sure the type and structure of the scaffolding meet your specific needs. This includes the required weight-handling capacity, height, stability, structural quality, ability to withstand weather or climate conditions, and other considerations related to usage.

Safety Standards

The supplier you choose needs to be able to supply confirmation that their scaffolding equipment meets or exceeds industry safety standards. Whether buying or renting aluminium scaffolding, ask for certification documents to make sure that you’re investing in safety-compliant equipment.

Get It Tested

If you’re unsure what to look for when it comes to safety and usage needs, call in a scaffolding expert or safety technical consulting to help test the scaffolding before committing to a service provider.

Use Local Suppliers

It’s a good idea to use local suppliers that are well established in the community. This allows you or your employees to physically view and inspect scaffolding before you rent or purchase it. Also, should you have any problems or need advice, a local supplier is easily accessible.

Need to hire or purchase aluminium scaffolding in the Sydney area? Hytrex is a Sydney based supplier of aluminium scaffolding, portable scaffolding, ladders and swinging stages. We partner with high-quality brands to supply you safe, reliable and customisable products. Get in touch with us today to find out why we’re one of Sydney’s best scaffolding suppliers.

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mersarlin 13
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