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Your rolling tower and the wind: how to work safely

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Working safely at height largely depends on how you approach it. That is why you have invested in sturdy and reliable access equipment. There are, however, other aspects that you can't control, such as weather conditions and primarily wind.

If you notice the weather changing or you are working outside in a season when the wind can get up quickly, take note of the forecasts and primarily the wind speed. Up to 5 Bft, you can work safely on portable scaffolding. From 6 Bft, you must disassemble the scaffold or anchor it to the façade. Use an anchoring tube for this purpose.

If you have secured items to your scaffold that could catch the wind, such as sails, sheets or a shelter tent, don't wait until the wind reaches 5 or 6 Bft, take measures earlier. The larger the wind-catchers, the greater the chance they will catch the wind. At all times: safe working in heavy weather always begins with being smart and staying alert.

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